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Christmas 2013

Happy Holidays to students and families of the Shintani World Congress

From Sensei Paul Leonard Hachidan, 8th degree and all his black belts

Christmas 2006, 5 year anniversary

Christmas 2006

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to touch bases with you to relate some of my thoughts at this special time of year. Christmas is the time of year for families. We all have families. Some of us are fathers and some are mothers. Some are daughters and some are sons and many are a combination of them all. But we also are unique in that we are all family in the World Congress. I want to take this opportunity to thank my karate family for the support and cooperation they have shown myself and each other over the year. The world congress will be 5 years old in 2007 and the distance we have traveled together over that time is nothing short of amazing. I am sure Sensei Shintani would be shocked to see what we have accomplished in such a short time. The individual club leaders have worked hard to spread the core ideas of the devotion, honour and repect that we represent. They have gone the extra mile in setting up clinics and seminars. They have taught long hours and worked hard to build good black belts and turned the final ranking over to me to hand out. I want them to know that I recognize and appreciate the honour they have given me eacht time they allow me to put the belt around the waist of the product of their labour. I am sure that each new black belt over the past five years looks up not only to the World Congress leaders but to their individual Sensei's with gratitude and respect for what they have been given.

We had a great example in Sensei Shintani. He put many belts around many waists and asked nothing in return. He spent many hours on the couch teaching the meaning of Karate because he was aware that not all of Karate is taught on the dojo floor. And each of your club leaders are doing the same thing each time you give of yourselves. Though I don't know all of you as personally as I would like to, I would bet anything that you live the life of a true Martial Artist every minute of the day in the kindness you show others both inside and outside of Karate.

I am proud to say this is my organization and I will work hard so that you will be able to say the same. Merry Christmas to all my family and may the New Year be rewarding to us all.

Ranking Requirements

March 19th 2005

Hello Everyone,

Today's letter is to address the issue of ranking requirements.

As many of you know, Sensei Shintani and I were not in complete agreement with some of the requirements laid out in the grading booklets issued by the organization a few years back.

As a result, we began work on a new one. Sensei and I had completed two thirds of the work together and his parting made it necessary for me to complete it on my own. I think just about anyone who has looked at the requirements across the organization will know and understand why it has become apparent that we standardize the process.

The completed standardized guideline will be available to head instructors shortly and I look forward to the unifying effect it will have on the World Congress once we all embrace it and incorporate into our individual clubs. I believe it is a necessity for the survival of our organization and I look forward to your compliance and am open to any questions you might have.

In HarmonySENSEI LEONARD Hachidan

Who is the real President

April 5th 2005

This question is asked most often, so I thought I had better address it now.


SENSEI GREG REID:Is based in British Columbia and is best known as the sensei who produced a book with Sensei Shintani. He is the President of his organization and represents Sensei Shintani in Canada and world wide. Within his organization, he has a committee of directors to help him.

SENSEI DENIS LABBE:Senior 8th Dan since 1994. Both of us have been with Sensei Shintani a very long time. He also has his own organization of which he is president, The Toronto Wado-Kai. It stretches across Canada. For some reason after Sensei's death, we became affiliated.

SENSEI PAUL LEONARD:I was selected by Sensei Shintani to be the president of the World Congress Wado-Kai Karate and The World Shintani Shindo.

As for the laws and rules that govern me, I will explain them by quoting a paragraph from the letter written by Sensei Shintani on August 27th, 1999. "In the Wado-Kai of North America, there will always be a senate group chosen by me to rule under the World Congress of which I am president and sole instructor."

This letter was supposed to have reached every instructor in the Wado system, but for some unknown reason, it did not. This I discovered only when Sensei Shintani himself called me to ask me about it. When I told him I did not have it, he sent me a signed copy of it and added a few hand written notes at the bottom of it. I was also named Personal Advisor to the Senate Group. Though 5 years have passed since Sensei's Shintani's death, I have yet to receive my first senate inquiry.

There is another rule that Sensei Shintani made me swear an oath to, it is that all gradings from godan and up would be done by me and only me for both organizations due to the fact that I am the only student ranked to 8th Dan within his organizations.

At the time of his passing, Sensei Shintani left sealed envelopes to be opened on certain dates. The first one was opened in 2003 as per Sensei's instruction. It stated that the Federally incorporated World Congress would rule over the provincially incorporated senate. The second letter will be opened this May, also as per his instructions.

These facts I swear to on my Honour and my Loyalty to the late Sensei Shintani.

Sensei Paul Leonard, HACHIDAN

PS: I just want to add that it doesn't really matter what I put forth to you, the members of our organization, whether I do it in good faith or out of a sense of loyalty for what Sensei wanted us to be, unless you receive it in the same manner as I did. That is, with honour and loyalty. It is all to easy to ignore his wishes and easier still to refuse to hear the truth. Sensei brought together good people and I am confident those same good people will stand united to make Sensei's dream a reality.

Historic Meeting

Hello Again Fellow karateka,

As everyone knows, February 24th 2005 was an historical date.

A meeting was held between myself, Sensei Leonard, President of the World Congress Karate and Sensei David Manara from the Toronto Wado-Kai. The main topic of the meeting was the future of Wado-Kai Karate and the preservation of Sensei's Shintani's teachings and as well that of Otsuka Sensei senior.

In attendance was also Mike Csoke Rokudan.

Several ideas were put forward and they will be revealed at a date in the not too distant future.


Kata Booklets

August 2005

The previously mentioned grading booklets are complete and will be distributed to all head Sensei's at the Hamilton clinic coming up as well as at future clinics.

The Kata requirement sheet will also be available at the Hamilton Clinic as well as future clinics for Sensei's who run clubs under The World Congress.

Sensei Shintani's Death

Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking a great deal about what I should put on the first page of my comments section.

There is so much to say about training. About kumite and kata, about shindo rankings, about honour and respect and of course about the World Congress organization. It was difficult to decide which should be the first topic.

As always, my students have guided my mind much as Sensei Shintani said it would and so I have chosen the following as my first comments.

I have been hearing it a lot, througout the karate world, that Sensei Shintani's death here was a coincidence. I have heard it said that he died here while doing a clinic and that it could have happened anywhere.

I think it is important that I set the record straight.

Sensei Shintani called me at home to pick him up in Hamilton for what he referred to as his last trip anywhere. I went down to Hamilton in a van with a nurse and he was lifted into the van unable to walk on his own. At that point in his life, Sensei did not even perform the most basic of bodily hygiene. I became his personal nurse and with the help of my wife, we took care of all his needs.

We literally carried him from point to point inside our house and at night we put him to bed and covered him as we would one of our own children. Always we were very careful to leave his pride intact. I considered myself very fortunate to have been chosen to do these things. I truly believed myself to be blessed with keeping Sensei's spirits up.

I assured everyone, my wife and I both showered Sensei with all the love we couls and made him feel wanted and loved so that he could forget all the sad moments that happened in his life. He was especially saddened when the senior Sensei's in his entourage voted against his book, the book he was so proud of. He never recovered from that.

Sensei did schedule clinics in the north. He and I both knew I was going to run them. While Sensei did try to sign all the books brought to him then, he never got the chance to finish. We all know the outcome. He lasted only a week

Maybe with a little effort, we can make his memory and his teachings last forever.

In HarmonySENSEI LEONARD, Hachidan